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Spring Buds Gift Set
  • Spring Buds Gift Set


    This Gift Set includes two mint green ceramic soap dishes, as well as a full size soap bar of your choice.

    This beautiful, handmade Spring Buds Soap Dish is crafted by renowned local ceramicist Hella Keevil in Tunbridge Wells. Drawing inspiration from plants and nature walks, each piece is unique in its design and adds a stunning, natural touch to any bathroom. These soap dishes come in two sizes - 10cm x 8cm and 12cm x 10cm - and make a perfect accessory to any space.


      - Handmade soap dish crafted by Hella Keevil, a local ceramicist in Tunbridge Wells

      - Hella uses plants + nature walks as inspiration for her art

      - Individual pieces

      - Each dish is unique in its design

      - Stunning accessory to any bathroom

      - TWO SIZES : 10cm x 8cm OR 12cm x 10cm

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