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Teal Boho Glass Diffuser
  • Teal Boho Glass Diffuser

    This Teal Boho Glass Diffuser is perfect for any home. It holds up to 200ml of the most exquisite scent-throwing fragrance combinations of your choice, and its unique boho design adds a touch of style to any room. Its hand-poured reed sticks guarantee an even and long-lasting scent diffusion. Rejuvenate your home and indulge in your favorite aromas with our Teal Boho Glass Diffuser.
    • VOLUME



      - Hand-poured Bohemian Geo Diffusers

      - 200ml of the most exquisite scent-throwing fragrance 

      - Lasts 5 - 7 months

      - Teal bottles paired with thick black reeds 

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